MANN Oil Filter
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Spin-on oil filters form one unit consisting of housing and filter element. The whole unit is replaced during maintenance. Oil filter prevents wear in the compressor and extends the economic life-time of the air-oil separator element.
Standard Features,
Anti-drain valve:
Ensures that the filter and oil channels do not empty when the engine is switched off and that oil is readily available when the engine is started.
Bypass valve:
Ensures that oil is available when the engine is cold started and when a service is long overdue, if the oil filter is very dirty.
Wrench removal tools:
Ensure that you can remove anad fit a spin-on oil filter quickly and efficiently.



MANN-FILTER oil filter elements are either situated in their own housing or they are integrated directly into the engine oil circulation system. They are particularly kind to the environment as only the filter element is replaced. Housing and valves remain on the engine block. The exact fit in the housing ensures that MANN-FILTER oil filter elements are completely leak-free.

•                   Reliable processes
•                   All components are designed to work with aggressive compressor oils.
•                   High-performance provides optimum wear protection thanks to high dust capacity.
•                   Clean oil benefits the service life of the air-oil separator.


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