Zero air loss auto drain (1000)
Zero air loss auto drain (1000) Energy Saving Product And Accessories Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Mount Austin Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | JCompressor Services Sdn Bhd

- Zero Air Loss
- Easy Maintenance
- Low Maintenance
- Large Discharge Outlet
- Able to see the condensate level
- No Power Required
- Simple Operations


Installation & Operation

Connect the condensate outlet to the inlet of the Autodrain located at the bottom through a Strainer as per diagram. Remember to install a return line to prevent Air Lock.

As the condensate fills up the chamber, the float will start to rise.On the float there is a magnet which when lifted to a predeter-mined level will activate a counter magnet which is located in the center shaft. The counter magnet will activate a pneumatic valve to open and lift a pneumatic a cylinder that will open a dischargevalve. The pressure from the compressed air will push the condensate out through the discharge outlet.

And when the water level drops, the float will drop and thus activating the counter magnet again which will close the valve and thus the discharge outlet is automatically closed again. Since the water level is always higher than the discharge outlet,there will be no Air Losses.

Technical Specification

Proposed Installation Location

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