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Energy Saving Oil Additive for Compressor

The Energex Oil Additive has a unique molecular compound that mixes well with any type of oil, from mineral to synthetic oil and will help to reduce the friction between metal surfaces. The compound creates a temporary coating film on the metal surface and thus reduces the fridction further. This coating also have self lubricating properties
V-Energex for Energy Savings For industrial application where energy cost is always on the rise, the Energex will help to reduce electricity cost by reducing electricity consumption. In test over for air compressors, we have effectively reduce the operating current from 5% to 10% thus reduces energy cost by the same amount. Energex also will work well with Air conditioning refrigerant compressors Example

A 75kw air compressor to save a 10% electricity will effectively save about MYR25k per year

A 200kw air compressor will save about MYR66.5k
Application For most effective results, we advise a 6% Energex to the total required oil volume of the air compressors. It is advisable to reduce some of the oil from the separator tank before adding Energex to the lubrication oil. The result from Energex will start to show after running back the air compressor for 15 to 30mins
Other Benefits

Reduce operating temperature in air compressor will allow mineral oil to last longer

Reduce friction will also allow bearings and moving parts to last longer

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