System Monitoring with CSM-2G
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System Monitoring with CSM-2G

This new generation monitoring software offers the latest features required in system monitoring. CSM-2G is designed to monitor factory or building systems of all scales. For example in a compressed air system it records and analyzes air consumption, system pressure, dew point, residual oil contents, compressor status, particles, basically everything which is required for a safe operation. However CSM-2G is not limited to compressed air systems: what can be measured and is available through a Modbus communication can be handled.

The software is installed on a Windows PC (server installation) and through a web server clients operate the software through a web browser. This allows hardware independent client installations on PC, tablet computers and HMI terminal.

Rich alarm monitoring with indications on screen, relay outputs and SMS puts the user in control of the system. Specific analyzing modules for compressed air consumption, compressor optimization and solar panel monitoring will follow soon.

Compressed air monitoring, data acquisition and analyzing

Hardware / Software requirements

Operating system for server:
–  Windows Server 2003 SP2
–  Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2
–  Windows Server 2008 SP2 (32-Bit)
–  Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64-Bit)
–  Windows XP Professional SP3
–  Windows 7 (Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate) 32-Bit -Windows 7 (Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate) 64-Bit
–  Windows 8 (Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate) 32-Bit -Windows 8 (Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate) 64-Bit

Browser for client:
–  Chrome (Version > 35)
–  Firefox (Version >= 24.0)
–  Safari (Version > 5)
–  IE9, 10, 11

CS Device:
–  S 325; S 330 / S 323 version >= 1.64
–  S 5xx / S 5xx version >= 1.28
–  S 300 (Modbus) version >= 2.73

Hardware requirements:

Category Minimum Recommended
Processor* Intel Core I3 processor 1.3GHz Intel Core I5 processor 3.0GHz
RAM(main memory) 1G >2G
Free disk space for installation 1.5G >2G
Free disk space for measurement data in database 10G >100G
Network card Yes Yes


* All specifications refer to INTEL processors, compatible AMD-systems of comparable performance can also be used.



• Compressed air system monitoring
• Building monitoring
• Compressor analyzes and optimization
• Monitoring of process gas consumptions
• Energy consumption monitoring (ISO 50001)

Graphics analyzes

• Selectable channels, with up to 4 different units in one screen
• Zoom function and time scrolling
• Scalable y-axes
• Real time graph (automatic update as values come in)
• Export and print all others without point

Product features

  • Data acquisition of unlimited number of sensors
  • Alarm monitoring and indications on screen, relay and SMS
  • Secure data storage on local hard drive in a SQL database
  • Server / client architecture
  • Application software installed on Windows PC
  • Remote access through Internet possible
  • Client access through web browser (PC, tablet, HMI terminal)
  • Scalable customizable solution
  • Communication with field devices through Modbus/TCP or Modbus/RTU
  • Multi language support
  • Easy installation and upgrades

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