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CS-iTEC dewpoint sensor/ dew point transmitter S 201

The measured dew point is output via a 4-20 mA signal output. The integrated display shows online measurement values and alarm status. One alarm can be programmed which will activate a relay.

S 201 features a complete dew point meter with sensor, display, keyboard and alarm.

Sensor parameters such as analogue output scaling, alarm values, units etc, can be easily changed by using CS-iTEC service kit. This kit is used to connect the sensor to a PC for configuration changes.


The CS-iTEC dew point sensor S 201 provides reliable and long term stable dew point monitoring in industrial applications.

The newly developed sensor features improved signal and stability in demanding industrial applications.
Drifts caused by temperature changes, dust and aging are eliminated by the electronics providing reliable measurements. Recalibration interval thus could be increased to 2 years.



Alarm adjustment at dew point sensor

Product features

  • Dew point sensor for low dew point applications dowto -60 ºC
  • Long term stability
  • Graphic display
  • Relay output
  • IP65 casing provides robust protection in rough industrial environment
  • Very fast response time ensures safe and reliable indication whenever dew points are out of valid ranges
  • Can be installed directly into dryers through G 1/2″ thread
  • High accuracy of ±2 ºC dew point

Technical data

Measuring range Dew point:            -60…+20 ºC
Relative humidity: 0…99.9%
Temperature:       -30…+70 ºC
Accuracy ±2 ºC dew point @ -50 ºC
Pressure range -0.1 … 5.0 MPa
Power supply 12 … 30 VDC / 100 mA
Ambient conditions -20 … 50 ºC
Response time t90 0…-40 ºC: 2 minutes
-40…0 ºC: 20 sec
Output signal 4…20 mA, 3-wire
Relay No,32 VDC, 500 mA
Connection 2xM12, 5 pole
Casing PC + ABS
Classification IP65
Process connection G 1/2″ thread (ISO 228/1)
UNF 5/8″ thread (on request)
Transport temperature -10 … +60 ºC

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