Ceccato DRC 40-60 DRD 75-100 DRE 100-150 (40~150HP)
Ceccato DRC 40-60 DRD 75-100 DRE 100-150 (40~150HP) Screw Type Air Compressor Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Mount Austin Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | JCompressor Services Sdn Bhd
Ceccato DRD

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Constant and reliable air delivery for your industrial air demands
The Ceccato DRC-DRD-DRE range consists of highly qualified gear driven oil-injected screw compressors. They are compact, solid, easy to install and need very low maintenance. The range is now available from 40 to 150 hp, with or without dryer, with fixed speed control. Whatever model you choose it will provide your workplace with high class compressed air equipment.

Simple installation

“All-in-one” design with no special foundation needed

Easy maintenance

All service components located at the front for excellent accessibility

Higher performance for less energy consumption

Energy savings are realised thanks to the gear driven transmission system

Lower maintenance cost

No belt tensioning and less maintenance needed

Fixed speed provides a fixed air volume

Our DRC-DRD-DRE rotary screw compressors with fix speed control uses load/unload regulation to ensure a constant air capacity. The compressor does this by turning to unload mode as soon as the set pressure is reached and then starts the routine again when the pressure drops below its level.. 

Technical specifications  
Installed motor Power  30-110 kW / 40-150 HP 
Working pressure  7.5-8.5-10-13 
Capacity FAD  4250 - 20017 l/min 
Noise level  66-75 dB(A) 

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