Donaldson UFS / DS oil water separators
Donaldson UFS / DS oil water separators Ultrasep Superplus Oil/Water Separator 油水分離器 原裝空气压缩机/OEM零件   Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | JCompressor Services Sdn Bhd
Donaldson UFS / DS oil water separators effectively and efficiently separate oil and water from compressed air condensate.

The need for condensate management occurs when liquid condensate is generating at several points throughout a compressed air system, including the outlet of the compressors itself, within accumulator tanks, cyclone separators, coalescing filters and refrigerated air dryers.

Whenever condensate forms, it must be removed from the compressed air system and discharged in a manner that is both environmentally sound and economical.

The amount of condensate generated within a compressed air system can be surprising. As an example, a 850 m³/h / 500 scfm system operating in ambient conditions of 16° C / 60° F and 65% relative condensate per hour. That condensate, however, will be generated at a number of points within the system. All of this condensate must be removed from the compressed air system. This is accomplished with the use of drain valves.

Donaldson UFS / DS oil water separators use gravity to separate oil and water. The mixture is purified to a residual oil content of 20 ppm or lower. They are designed to meet or exceed those discharge levels as efficiently and economically as possible. The DFS oil water separator is available in seven models ranging from 119 to 7,204 m³/h / 70 to 4,240 scfm.

  • Removable pre-sedimentation tank
  • Tapered carbon bag chambers
  • Pre-adsorber protects carbon adsorbers
  • Multiple condensate connection ports
  • Unique knob-adjustable oil drain tray
  • Water purity sample port and test kit


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