SCR APM Series(Permanent Magnetic)
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All new Inverter Control Screw Air Compressor runs at variable speed to match production requirement that reduces energy & operating costs.

Double oil-cooled permanent magnet motor

The use of permanent magnet materials resistant to 180 degrees high temperature ensures that the permanent magnet unit is not demagnetized. Protection grade IP65, super first-class energy efficiency.

Super sound-off

The machine adopts a shock-absorbing fully enclosed base and is lined with silencing materials. The unit complies with European environmental protection standards. The interior of the entire motor is fully enclosed to reduce the noise of the motor.

Constant pressure

The exhaust reaches a constant pressure state, which embodies the real energy saving.

Easy to maintain

The industry-created “Mohs” connection is convenient and quick to install, disassemble, maintain and maintain. Flip-type soundproof cover design, beautiful appearance, easy maintenance.

Intelligent integrated inverter

It adopts a dedicated integrated frequency converter for air compressor, and the whole machine control uses a high-speed chip, which has higher reliability, high carrier frequency, high current accuracy, and lower motor temperature rise and noise. When encountering unexpected faults such as sudden power failure, instantaneous overvoltage and overcurrent, the inverter sleeps. After the fault condition is reset, if the pressure is lower than the loading pressure, the air compressor can be restarted, which can be greatly adapted to some electric occasions. Standardized power grid environment improves stability.


Work Rate: 18.5~75 KW
Exhaust Volume: 2.5~13.6 m³/min
Exhaust Pressure: 7/8/10
TranSmission Mode: Direct connection
Cooling Method: Oil cooling

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