Ceccato CSA (5~20HP)
Ceccato CSA (5~20HP) 螺杆式 空气压缩机   Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | JCompressor Services Sdn Bhd

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Efficient compressor units for all your industrial needs, with wide choice of variants.Very compact and efficient, the CSA-CSB range offers high performance products that feature a legendary reliability. With a very low noise levels, these compressors are designed for continuous duty and very hard working conditions on industrial applications such as Metal machinery, Cheese factories, Breweries, Packing factory, Furniture factories, Shoe factory, Bottling industry, etc.

Designed for small spaces and proximity to the workplace

With a compact design and small footprint, the compressors can even be placed near offices as their soundproofed canopy ensures low noise level.
Easy to install and maintain
The good positioning of service items, belts, oil and filters allows quickly replacements. The oil level check is possible through the sight glass.

A complete solution

Save space and money with tank-mounted installations including dryer and filters. 
The complete solution not only saves costs on installation but also reduces the risk of air leakages in your workshop.
Advanced control and monitoring
All running and control functions are managed by the ES3000 electronic controller resulting in high energy savings and efficient system monitoring.

Technical specifications CSA CSB
Installed motor Power 4-15 kW / 5-20 HP 11-30 kW / 15-40 HP 
Working pressure 8-10-13 Bar 8-10-13 Bar 
Capacity FAD  485 - 2000 l/min 1190 - 3970 l/min 
Noise level 60-65 dB(A)  61-69 dB(A) 



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