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Compressed air systems are widely used for almost every industrial and have been associated to one of the most crucial power source. The compressed air produced by the compressor usually contains dirt, water and other unwanted particles that can substantially jeopardize your production process resulting to an extremely higher maintenance cost. Airflux Filtration provides a solution to the above problems by offer a comprehensive range of compressed air microfilter for use in almost every industrial environment. Airflux Filtration offer 12 model of microfilter with connection from 1/2” – 3” or flow capacity from (0.96m3/min – 46m3/min) to suit different ranges of your compressor, thus it will prevent over sizing and save you unnecessary costs. Airflux Microfilter is produce by die cast aluminium and is coated with epoxy powder paint on the outside and anodized surface treatment on the inside for the maximum corrosion protection and extended its lifetime. Airflux Microfilter adopts a simple and reliable design, which is the microfilter is designed with a push on element for easy and fast replacement with the minimum free space under the filter without tie rod.
Airflux Microfilter is designed without tie rod to avoid these following problems:
  • The wearing of the threads on both the end caps and tie rod
  • Leaking and by-passing due to improper tie rod installation
  • Difficulty for replacement element under minimum free space
Port Size
Flow Rate
[at 7 bar g/100 psi g]
m3/min cfm
A05 1/2” 0.96 34
A10 1/2” 1.33 47
A15 3/4” 2.03 72
A25 1” 4.00 141
A40 1 – 1/2” 7.20 254
A75 1 – 1/2” 9.05 320
A100 2” 15.00 530
A125 2” 19.80 699
A175 2 – 1/2” 26.0 918
A300 3” 37.50 1324
F460 DN80 46.00 1645
F520 DN80 52.30 1846
F780 DN100 78.48 2770
F1040 DN100 104.70 3695
F1560 DN150 156.96 5540
F2090 DN200 209.28 7386
F2610 DN200 261.66 9235
F3130 DN250 313.98 11082
F4180 DN250 418.62 14775
F5230 DN300 523.32 18470

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